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About Me

Hi there,

I am a Nutritionist, specialising in clinical nutrition and functional testing.

After college I studied psychology and sociology for a year. After a year I wanted something more hands-on, and in the medical field, so moved to gain a Bachelor of Nursing. For 13 years I worked in several health settings, including mental health, geriatrics, medical, and specialist child care.

My eldest daughter had "tummy trouble" from a very young age. We were in and out of hospital for years, not knowing what was wrong.

At the age of eight she needed several surgeries to resection her intestinal tract and it was only then that we got a diagnosis. This motivated me to study Clinical Nutrition & Functional Medicine.

While studying to become a clinical nutritionist, I volunteered as an ambulance officer for St John. In 2016 I started working in natural health shops where I learned a lot about natural supplements and the do’s and don’t of supplementation.

To be able to share knowledge and give clients the know-how on how to optimise their own health, I teach a range of health related workshops and courses. 

This has become another passion, as I love working with other private practitioners and to help my clients as a whole - HOLISTIC HEALTH.

DipH.Nut, Cert.A, Cert.RP&M, Cert.HerbFEP, Cert.QRA, Cert.AT


Our Aim
For you to be THIS happy!

My Philosophy

Nourished by Nature has been created to offer you support in your health journey.

Empowering you with information, choices, and the tools you need to reach your goals and improve your well-being.

  • Taking the time to listen to you

  • A Root-Cause approach (what is the cause of your symptoms)

  • You have accessibility to testing options often declined by GP's 

       Nourished by Nature is a private practice which allows for test requests not              granted by the 'standard system'

  • Empowering you, by giving you the support and resources needed

  • Accessibility to prescription supplements, not available in health stores


Reclaim Your Magic

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