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Create Your Own Flower Essence Blend.


Flower essences have been used for certuries to support our emotions.

By combining up to 7 essences, you can create a remedy specifically for your current situation and emotional state.


How Do I choose My Essences?

  1. This article "Flower Essence (Bachflowers)" contains an easy to understand table of all 38 essences.
  2. Choose up to 7 flower essences according to your emotions or personality.
  3. Once you have purchased this remedy, you add your essences under the NOTE section.


You may choose to email if you need help finding the right remedy combination for you.

Create Your Own Flower Essence Blend 25ml

  • Acute Dose:
    4 drops or 2 sprays every 15 minutes.
    Daily Dose:
    4 drops or 2 sprays, 3x per day. 

  • Precautions

    If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your healthcare practitioner.

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