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Created by a qualified nutritionist, this isn't "just another" juice & smoothie book.


There are many juice and smoothie books on the market but none of them were up to the nutritional or therapeutic standard that I needed them to be, to be able to recommend to my clients.


The Healing Juices & Smoothies book has been created with:


The Right Balance in Nutrients

Years of Scientific Nutritional research

The Need for the Recipes to be Delicious and Easy


These wholefood, easy and delicious juices and smoothies will NOT spike your blood sugar!


The Juices and Smoothies have been created with specific health needs in mind, such as chronic inflammation (Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, thyroid disease), Chronic fatigue & Fibromyalgia (cell repair and energy transportation), eye health, acidic conditions (gout, kidney stones) etc.


What you'll find inside:

Why juicing?

Is juicing for everyone?

Why smoothies?

7 day juice challenge

How to create the perfect juice or smoothie

Recipe formula


Section 1: Healing juices & smoothies

Chlorophyll Cleanser
Earthy Healer
Protein Repair
Oxygen Elixir
Inflammation Be Gone
Eye Health Wonder
Energy Booster
Blueberry Bliss
Supergreens Smoothie
Alkalising Freshness


Section 2: Breakfast & Lunch

Beetroot Yoghurt bliss
Tahini Cacao Blast
Tropical Paradise
Protein Berry Bliss
Cinnamon Fat Burn
Orange Chia Dream
Peanutbutter & Oat Filler
Hazelnut Heaven
Strawberry Power
Fruity Fibre Blend


Section 3: Muscle & Tissue Repair

Ferrero Workout Blend
Ultimate Recovery Smoothie
Hemp & Almond Muscle Power
Very Berry Power Smoothie
Apple Pie Recovery
Chocolate & Mint Brain Blast
Matcha Coconut Bliss
Blueberry Anti-oxidant Power
Pre-workout Metabolic Booster
Zingy Electrolyte Juice


7 Day Challenge week planner

7 Day Challenge shopping list




Healing Juices & Smoothies - PDF

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