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Provides a gentle full-body cleanse that stimulates the body’s natural process to eliminate toxins.

This unique formulation utilizes botanical extracts known for their traditional uses enhancing natural detoxification mechanisms by supporting the kidneys, bowel, skin & lymphatics.


A holistic formula that supports all major channels and organs of detoxification and elimination in the body, offering a gentle and thorough cleansing action. 


Use this formula:

  • For all manner of skin irritation, this formula helps to support the return to healthy skin.
  • After excess, to help aid recovery from ingestion of too much alcohol, fats, etc
  • To support times of cleansing and detoxification
  • To enhance natural regeneration and repair in the body
  • When feeling congested in the skin, bowel or lymphatics
  • When feeling sluggish, to help the return to optimal vitality


This formula utilises the potency of herbal remedies in a format that is both easy to administer and safe and palatable for all ages. We design remedies that are easy to use and give effective support to babies, children, pregnant women, and everyone else who needs it.



Albizzia, Capsicum, Golden Seal, Elderberry, Skullcap, Echinacea, Burdock, Iris, Yellow Dock, Poke Root. Cleavers, Reishi Mushroom, Calendula, Thuja, Herb Water 



For children

Acute relief: take 3-5 drops up to 6 times daily

Maintenance: take 3-5 drops 3 x daily

Drops may be given straight into the baby's mouth or from a spoon, in water or a bottle, or on food. 


For adults

Acute relief: take 10 drops up to 6 times daily

Use drops straight in the mouth or pop into a water bottle to sip throughout the day, or on food. 


Drops can be given at any time, and there are no interactions with other medications to worry about. Easy peasy. Use maximum frequency of dosing when needed for more acute relief, and less often as maintenance or prevention, especially during vulnerable times.


100% natural, herbal remedy suitable from newborn and for all ages

QDetox- QLife

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