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6 week - Cellullar Detox Program


COMING SOON! THIS DIETARY DETOX PROGRAM HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO: 1. Kick start your detox system (your liver, kidneys, digestion e.g) 2. Increase your ability to absorb nutrients 4. Heal your gut 5. Increase your energy levels & vitality 6. Naturally lose excess weight You will be feeling lighter, cleansed and motivated. WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: 🍉 A recipe book (breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, juices, snacks) - you can follow the recipes or use them as a guide for when you are needing some inspiration! 🍉 Preparation module 🍉 12 learning and support modules - see Overview 🍉 Bonus module - see Overview 🍉 50% voucher for our Healing Juice & Smoothie book 🍉 Online support - join our Facebook group This program is entirely done online for your convenience. Once you have downloaded a module, you are free to print the material if you choose to do so.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app






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