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Nourished by Nature

Clinical Nutrition & Functional Testing

Meet Daisy

Daisy, Integrative Health Practitioner and Nutritionist

Daisy is a Nutritionist, with a special interest in

Clinical Nutrition & Functional Testing.

She opened Nourished by Nature in 2018, with a focus on bringing testing options to the public & giving clients the time to explain their test results and how to approach the imbalances.

Daisy's approach is:

- Listening to YOU

- INVESTIGATING your symptoms

- Personalised advice catered to YOUR NEEDS

15 min. discovery call

Functional testing

Getting to the bottom of your symptoms.

Imbalances -> Symptoms -> Dis-ease

Identifying Cause -> Focused Treatment -> Well Being! 

Red clover, Herb used in menopause to ease hot flushes

Home Test Kits

You do NOT need an appointment for these tests.

Simply Order - Send Your Sample - Receive Your Test Results


Practitioner Test Kits

You do need an appointment for these tests.

Make An Appointment - We Take Care Of The Rest


Are You A Practitioner Or Therapist?

Interested in offering testing to your clients?

Join our practitioner & therapist testing program!

Offer your clients testing, earn and receive all the support you need.

"The natural healing force within each of us, is the greatest force in getting well "

"The natural healing force within each of us, is the greatest force in getting well "


What Clients Say

Daisy explained my results well and gave me a way forward on how to improve my health with food and natural health products.

My experience has been very positive, I shall continue to get her advice whenever I’m feeling under par.

Rachel W

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